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Zerokewl (z3r0k3w1) is most often used to describe introverts; the awkward, the misfits, and the misunderstood. Those few that shun that which is considered “normal” or “safe”, and choose instead to blaze an alternate path.

Being different is often a journey of isolation. Almost zen-like, these masters of the shadow harness this isolation and propel themselves creatively from it. These are the ones that emerge from their bedrooms, garages, and basements to turn heads with the unimaginable. These are the ones that embrace different and never apologize for it.

Zerokewl is the idea that geek is the new cool.





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Our Goals are simple:

  • Actively engage, support, and expand the turntablist, hip-hop, and electronic music communities.
  • Continue to share ideas, create educational reference materials, and supply resources for individuals in the aforementioned communities to further their creative endeavors.
  • Create and provide music, services, and merchandise for fans in support of our projects.
  • Groom and introduce a new generation of artists so as to take the music experience to a new level and move an otherwise stagnant industry forward.




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Just what is zerokewl (zero cool / z3r0k3w1)???

Dictionary.com provides this definition of “zero cool”:

zero ● cool /zē ● rō ● ko͞ol/
adjective phrase

Extremely aware, alert, up-to-date, relaxed, etc; cool

[1980s+, probably fr the concept of absolute zero]
The Dictionary of American Slang, Fourth Edition by Barbara Ann Kipfer, PhD. and Robert L. Chapman, Ph.D.
Copyright (C) 2007 by HarperCollins Publishers

Urban Dictionary maintains a likeness to the following definition* of “zerokewl”:

Zerokewl (z3r0k3w1) – /zir ● ō ● kül/
adjective informal

An ironic attribute of nerds, geeks, misfits, nonconformists, introverts, and other individuals who are normally deemed socially unfit and/or unimpressive — inadvertently making them admired and/or setting them apart from others so as to make them elite (leet / 1337).

Used in leetspeak (1337) to ironically describe someone or something as unusually well-liked or cool.

Comfortable by or with oneself.

[1980s+, appropriated from Bulletin Board System (BBS) or the film “Hackers“]

synonyms: phat, hip, fly, fleek, trendy, funky, dope, ill, awesome, cool, chill, sick, excellent, tight, fantastic, wicked

“Henry was often shunned by his peers because he didn’t attend parties.  They didn’t know Henry was too busy, in his mom’s basement, producing the z3r0k3w1 hip-hop beats that they were all bobbing their heads to.”

*Yeah, we shamelessly wrote this one.


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